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  • Yuxing

    May 15, 2022 at 10:26 pm

    <div class=””>πŸ€πŸ€ Ken and Lynn Robinson’s Facebook Live Recording πŸ€πŸ€

    β–ΆLink here:

    There was a live translator switching between Japanese and English, so ok even for non-Japanese speakers!

    Wow, wow, wow, this is it people!!!

    This part totally stood out to me. Lynn (who does psychic reading) told Ken that it is A LOT EASISER if clients just come in with a specific goal. Like if I meet Lynn and straight away I say, “I would love to be an international top Youtuber, how can I be helped?”, this way Lynn can go straight to how my intuition have been guiding me and that is why I want this top Youtuber thingy.

    However, due to feeling unworthy and not sure of one’s ability, people would often instead of coming directly from their hearts, ask Lynn, “Can you just read me and help me?” or “I don’t know, tell me what to do” or “Erm… maybe I just want 20 subscribers for now? I am not sure, erm… I hope I am good enough…”

    JUST GO WATCH THE RECORDING PEEPS! It is only1 hour. There is no word for it.

    Cool story:

    16, 17 years ago while Ken was in the US, he so wanted to meet Lynn Robinson. Turned out she was just a 15 minutes drive from him and!!!! Lynn told Ken that his works can spread internationally, and Ken was a tiny, tiny bit unsure about it.

    Another story:

    What Lynn said got me to remember what Ghary shared here some months back. In a nutshell, many years ago Ghary met a homeless man and the man asked for some change. Ghary went further and wanted to buy him a meal from McDonalds’. The men after hesitating for a while, only asked for some fries and a drink. And of coz Ghary bought him a fuller meal.

    This talks about how sometimes we get so small, we no longer open ourselves to receive and ask for things.

    Ghary mentioned that this story got him teary and I only get him now.

    For me, a few years back I actually got on a call with a psychic who can help clear blocks. I am going to name the price for the call not to show off or what, but to illustrate how I totally fell into the latter group of what Lynn talked about. My unworthiness was higher than the sky! Stabbing into the far off planets like Jupiter and her moons.

    So, even with paying USD $400 for the call, I told the psychic I don’t know when she asked how can she help me. Dear God, I didn’t even felt worthy to ask questions when she extended some 15, 20 minutes for me. Goodness, I might be a Crazy Rich Asian now if I had stated my want. ROFL! So, anyway she helped me with all that she can. Clearing away as much stuff as she could and gave me some affirmations.

    What if we can all actually ask our intuition, higher selves, higher beings and God how can we get closer to what we really, really, really, REALLY want just like that?

    GO WATCH THAT VIDEO!!! And join all the community groups here so we can all share more and chit chat!!!!!

  • Yuxing

    May 14, 2022 at 3:48 am

    πŸ€πŸ€ Angel Flight West πŸ€πŸ€

    I got to know about this on FB’s reels. An influencers donated to Angel Flight instead of getting another Gucci bag as Angel Flight had helped her uncle before.

    So, Angel Flight give free flights to people in the US who needs to fly to a different state to receive medical help.

    This reminds me of My 600 Pound Life, where very overweight people had at times find it difficult to fly to suitable facilities to get help. I always feel a lot for the people in that programme, I hope they can all get a good body back and live a better life.

    So! This looks like a good company to donate to! =D

  • Yuxing

    May 12, 2022 at 9:33 pm

    πŸ€πŸ€ A Victim’s Talent πŸ€πŸ€

    This is something super interesting from the After Party after the ZOOM meeting with Ken.

    After the breakout rooms, there was the chat among everyone again. Someone asked, how can the Victim Archetype produce anything good and another answered beautifully.

    A “victim” will be very vocal on saying NO to a lot of things unjust and they turn out to be speaking for others!

    I remember this thing when I was around 14. This was more than 20 years ago so at that time people are not as aware of things as now.

    I had a male teacher who should be in his late 30s back then.

    He still had the last generation’s thinking and doing of yelling, slamming table and all those to “disobedient” students.

    One time over something minor, he kept wanting me to meet him in the office and all. I was being all “victim-y” and nah, I am just not going to be singled out and stay back after school and all.

    The next day in class my teacher started yelling about why didn’t I see him in the office and all and I blurted out “I don’t dare.”

    Frankly what I meant was I am not going to go get yelled at for nothing. I don’t deserve that

    And this teacher and later on everyone took it that I was suggesting that he might get sexually inappropriate. 🀣

    In the end this teacher still kicked up a big fuss but learned to leave me alone and never singled out anyone again.

    Looking back now, I made a really huge mark.

    If not for my unintentional suggestion, those male teachers still had no boundaries. They might one day get into really big trouble for bringing just any kid to a room to start shouting and banging tables. Or some poor kid might get badly scarred. All because this kind of things used to be ok until someone say NO.

    I did saw myself as a victim, and it was good victim! I said something that changed the whole terrible culture in my school.

  • Yuxing

    May 12, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    πŸ€πŸ€ Sub Group Highlight: Happy Living and Dying lead by @Ghary πŸ€πŸ€

    A good movie can change your life.

    One thing wonderful about the Happy Living and Dying group is, Ghary has a monthly meet on ZOOM where people all talk about a movie that Ghary posted. Personally I find the selected movie already a valuable thing because it is rare and fortunate that I can get a random recommendation. Usually I would just go with what is currently popular.

    The following is from the group description:

    The power of stories of people from the time they’re born until they eventually die has long been the way we learn. Its just that now, in addition to written words, we have movies, video and music to help us discover what we’re here to do with our lives and how we can share that passion and love we have with others.
    Fascinating topic discussions, rarely seen interviews and a monthly feature film is what you can expect each month.

    Last month’s movie was The Ramen Girl starring Brittney Murphy, and Ghary also have an interview with Becca Topol, the story writer of the movie. And in the event you are like me previously, quite reluctant to watch a “western production of something Asian for they likely would ruin everything”, rest assure that Becca Topol had lived in Japan and the story of The Ramen Girl reflect Tokyo just fine. ❀️

    I realise, it is one thing to watch a good film, and another whole new level of things to talk about it live with others. Not going to spoil the movie too much here and there was this part of the main character getting her cooking commented on someone senior. I had thought it was a simple depiction of oh, she has to put in more heart, she can’t cook things with such weak spirits and all. And during the discussion I get that what a person give out eventually becomes part of another who take their product/gift, and this got me to be more conscious in creating videos and all.

    I think dying is still a strange topic to many people, and I am glad that somehow, one day I got the right books and teachers giving me a better idea and with that, I get more aware about living. I was listening to Charlie Morley’s Dreaming Through Darkness (available as a book and audio book read by Charlie himself) and a part says, people who are at peace with their mortality actually perform better in life!! I am sort of young-ish and finally I thought about how I really want to live and leave a mark, that is good for humanity in my stay here on Earth. This is a good feeling.

  • Yuxing

    May 6, 2022 at 6:50 am

    Wow! I cannot wait! ❀

  • Yuxing

    April 29, 2022 at 7:57 pm

    πŸ€πŸ€ Arigato Living Community Sub-Committee Group πŸ€πŸ€

    Wow, I have something really fantastic to say today! And I hope this can give everyone a better idea of the sub-groups here.

    About a month back I decide that I really, really, really, REALLY should just do something, just anything about doing. Just start doing something.

    Gingerly I enquired about the weekly meetings at Alive With Possibility – Intuitive Business/Passion Project Mastermind lead by Julia and I joined a few meetings with everyone. On the first meet, it felt great to tell others that I want to do something and frankly at that point I still didn’t have a concrete plan.

    After a meeting a week ago, the floodgates just opened and I actually have 12 videos up on Youtube within a week now. I was planning to share this at today’s meeting only that sleeping pass 5:30am sounded nice… 🀣

    For me it is just great to get support from people from different walks of life. They really help me open up to a whole new world.

    I am not naming people to respect their privacy and my Youtube Channel’s name was partly inspired by this really sweet lady in the group and by being herself, she helped me dropped a block/wound that I picked up from others.

    he lovely thing here is, people here are really non-judgmental nor pushy. If you really have no project going, just say you are here wanting to start something and get some support. Perhaps you have met people who were not-helpful to you, drop those bad experience and come here to see something nice. We just cannot have new lives if we live from past experiences.</font>

    Simply put, somewhere in my most impressionable years, I had found it offensive if people mispronounced my name (there was some bullying involved and I felt that I was made unseen). Although I grew up and get that even with Chinese speakers, YU can be a rather unique reading, I still can’t seem to shake it off. Somehow there was just a wounding. There is some research in SWAY by Pragya Agarwal, getting one’s name mis-read can really have some strong after-effects that goes with them for a long time.

    And in one of the Alive With Possibility meeting, Julia asked a lovely lady if she got her name right as her name can be read in a couple of variations depending on if one is using the American or British reading. Very lovingly, this lady said, either is fine, she is not going to impose on others a specific reading.

    That just totally cleared and transmuted all that I had with my name. I mean yeah, at times we have to do a lot of internal work, at times a Guru just appear and bless my soul. By the way Guru in Sanskrit means a dispersal of darkness, they are light and in their presence people just get things. Guru had been translated as Teacher in English which doesn’t really bring out the original meaning.

    I thought, if someone can be such an angel, why am I still chosing to be miserable with this? I might get married to Shokichi tomorrow and everyone will call me Yagi san and that just made my years of feeling off real stupid.

    And bless me. I made a wordplay out of my name for my Youtube Channel.

    At first I thought nah, not gonna post the video up but why not?

    I have met other folks with difficult to pronounce names and most of the time they would give themselves a really simple English name. Well, some of the time that worked, but many a times they end up having to explain why they have a simpler name, which still goes back to feeling uncomfortable with their original names.

    I just got a wholeeeee new paradigm shift. It is so nice to let things be and people can call me YOU SING and it is still all good. =D My old miserable thinking was not even my own thinking!

    Another really cool thing is, now that I start doing something, with actions came so many new realisations. I remember Julia saying that many people have some fear about putting themselves out there, and I thought, true, but it is not that I am particularly reluctant. Many years back I had also attempted on making Youtube videos and I had even drew sideburns and beard on my face with a eyebrow pencil!

    Then I realise, I have this whole thing with NEEDING to be right. For example, by my 12th video I begun to get annoyed by my erms and ahh, then I realise, I have to be practical, I am not a world class speaker (yet~) and I am recording impromptu, what professional level do I really expect? A Tedtalk? Someday maybe, but not now, honestly, and it is still good unless I go impose bad feelings on them.

    For sure I am making bad Ramen now, but who actually makes Michelin level noodles on first attempt? (I am using this because I have to talk about Ghary’s Happy Living and Dying group soooooooon. Ghary is the guy who interviewed Ken back in March after the ZOOM meeting.)

    Then I remember that during my younger years, adults are forever picking at any minor error in my speaking and to make it crazier, there at least 4 languages floating around me and the same happened when I took up foreign language as an adult. I think on a soul level I asked for the Boss Level on earth. LMAO. I might be secretly very talented.

    The thing is, I am just not going to misinterpret something meant to be good as a block to me speaking to the world. Not anymore.

    I am just so thankful that people here are leading groups here to help others and everything. There are always soooooooooooo many good things and wonderful people around when I am willing to give myself the chance to see them.

    Video in Chinese, toggle for English subtitles.

  • Yuxing

    April 23, 2022 at 2:29 pm

    Hi peeps!! The current meeting is under the link in the first post.

  • Yuxing

    April 22, 2022 at 12:21 am

    πŸ€πŸ€ “Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?” – A Time When I Was Too Stingy To Buy Winter Wear and This Led to One of The Best Thing Ever in My LifeπŸ€πŸ€

    Heard of the Sulfi tale (there are a few origins) on how one day a man’s prime horse just ran away? And while lamenting on the lost, the horse got back many wild horses and that earned him a fortune. Then, while his son was busy training the horses, he fell and broke his leg. The neighbours all sent pity to the man for if not for the maimed leg, the boy is such an eligible marriage partner to all the young women. And then war came and the government took all able-bodied young men to war, where they are unlikely to return alive. Again the neighbours cried, but this time congratulating the man that at least his son will live.

    This time, the man said, “Good thing, bad thing, who knows.”


    When I first heard about the Money Types from Ken, I had thought that some are good and some are bad. Until Ken said that they are just they are and something “bad” can have a very wonderful side such as a Spender can have a very fun side that attracts a Saver who tend to keep to the safe side. Ken had helped many conflicted couples get clear on their Money Type and then these couples kept their marriages. ❀

    Last night after the AFTER AFTER PARTY ZOOM meet, I lied in bed and thought about this;

    Many years ago a friend started raving to me how absolutely amazing Hokkaido, Japan, is. Hokkaido is hailed as the Snow Country and has many foreign looking buildings. Night views in Hakodate is even one of the best three in Japan! I thought I would also go to Hokkaido but stopped upon checking the weather. I just didn’t want to spend money on winter gear for a week and never going to use them.

    And then I went to Okinawa which has very similar weather to Singapore expect for some months.

    Me being a “cheapskate” actually got me to a place so beautiful that I can willingly come back a few more lifetimes to. ❀❀❀❀❀ My love for Okinawa got me to join a few Facebook groups on Okinawa and I met a man in his 60s there. Let’s call him Rob. Rob is the rare ex-land solider in Okinawa. Usually ex-military folks on Okinawa are either from the marines or air force. The story was like this; Rob was supposedly on a transit to the Vietnam War in the early 70s. Twice he had his bags packed and twice on the last minute they were told to stay put.

    Rob later on met the love of his life when neither his wife nor him can speak a common language. Rob went on to have 3 beautiful daughters, one works in NASA, another in Okinawa’s city office and one is happily married.

    I am crying as I typed this story because I am just so thankful that somehow Rob never got sent to Vietnam. This is totally another case where I feel so much for a person I don’t know of.

    I am just going to say that I have MANY past lives in Okinawa and it is only LOGICAL that the place love me back MORE.

    While all the people I know of like Rob never directly discussed the whole controversial military bases in Okinawa with me, it was from all the intangible ways that I dropped my biasness about the issue. And I am just so thankful that in this lifetime and just like that, I get to see people and things as they are and dropped my baggage on how things should have been.

    I remember my friend almost rolling his eyes at me. He just cannot believe that I pass up going to THE Snow Country. I will still go to Hokkaido someday, just that wow, being “cheap” still got me something so deep. Also, Shokichi is from Hokkaido, all the more I NEED to go there.

    Next time people ask me deep life questions like why am here on Earth for, I say, to remember the love of Okinawa.

  • Yuxing

    April 20, 2022 at 3:48 am

    πŸ€πŸ€ Impossible Passions Realised – Music (Part 3 of 3) πŸ€πŸ€

    I was inspired to write on this after the last ZOOM meeting breakout room session. ON MUSIC.

    Kanho Yakushiji from Japan. The Buddhist name of the young monk who was once a regular youth with hair with a pop band. When he was asked to come home to take over the family temple, it seems like his passion for pop music ended too.

    Until… this guy totally made TECHNO SUTRAS. He went on to have these “concert” as far away as to Hong Kong. Check his channel on Youtube as Japanese Zen Music – Kanho Yakushiji. Him mixing John Lennon’s Imagine (sung by himself) together with the Heart Sutra is just incredible, the link is here and be sure to watch the video too! Tribute was paid to the original music video of John and Yoko.


    Yoshiki of X-Japan.

    Yoshiki was first trained in classic music. He went on to have the wildest Visual Kei rock band in Japan and then in his adult life mastered English fluently and are one of the rare Asian artists who expanded to America and Europe. He also has his own wine, from grapes from his own plantation I think. Yoshiki also stopped aging, I think this is because people still need this brilliant person on Earth.

    Check out his performance of Endless Rain at Carnegie Hall, New York here.



    Atsushi was also trained in classic piano when young. He only went to Karaoke for leisure during his teens. One day around senior high school times, he decided to pursue music and went to a music school. He was scouted by EXILE HIRO (founder of their current talent management) himself after appearing on a talent show on TV. AND THEN! Our dearest Atsushi went on to study English and stayed abroad in America in his late 20s or early 30s. No one missed him at that time. I totally didn’t notice he was missing. πŸ˜‚

    The mot beautiful thing from this was, Atsushi went on to produce the Japanese + English mix of Bruno Mars’s Just the Way You Are and You Raised Me Up. I attached a screen shot of Atsushi sing Just the Way You Are because the wardrobe people totally need to be appreciate for dressing up Atushi so well. Not, Atsushi isn’t exactly supermodel body and yet they can put him flare pants and loose shirt and still have him look like the coolest Angel from above. THAT IS A TALENT.

    Atsushi also set up a Youtube channel hoping that children and teen displaced after their parents committed crimes can use his videos as a leisure and stay away from bad influences. He himself has visited these childre and youth in homes.

    People like Atsushi got me to think up Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. It seems like Atushi is already at Self-Actualisation, the tip of the pyramid and genuis/successful leaves clues, Atsushi have been following and doing what he loves.



    Excuse me while I got lie down on a grassy field and cry at my lack of music skills. Ok, even if one day I get to play the lyre with the Muses, I still need a thousand years to match up. 🀣

    My Shokichi was from a really small town in Hokkaido. He was first disqualified during his first audition and while it was old footage, I cried that time seeing him sad and at the back of my head I just cannot believe that wow, Shokichi, like THE Shokichi was once out of the league.

    Shokichi actually went back to vocal training school at the “old” age of 19 or 20. And then!!!!! Shokichi is now a producer, part of the team at LDH (his talent company) screening new waves of talents. He also had his own solo concert, made his own songs, AND FREAKING LEARNED PIANO, DRUMS AND A FEW OTHER INSTUMENT IN HIS 20s.

    A friend admire Shokichi so much that back in 2019 she was just going for pretty much all his concerts all over Japan.

    Shokichi also started venturing into wines with grapes grown in his hometown, Hokkaido and also the beef business. He name a real meat cow “Shokichi” after himself in Hokkaido. It would be so weird to see Shokichi eat meat from “Shokichi” one day.

    Again, genius leaves clues, Shokichi is always doing what he loves.

    I also hope that Shokichi meets his sweetheart soon and fulfil his dreams to get married and have children. His ideal type is Tokyo from Money Heist.


    I got a really lovely junior pack in my polytechnic days. He often snuck into my lab classes claiming to be my brother. As much as he loves Japanese culture and could speak Japanese fluently, he told me that he will NEVER explore pop music (but he can sing ENKA omg) because it is just a distraction to studying and then earning good money from a good job. The last I know he was a burnout salaryman in Japan (yup, he is so talented he managed to get recruited in Japan!) being quite a miserable ass.

    Conclusion, following what we love can really get us to beautiful places.

  • Yuxing

    April 17, 2022 at 7:58 am

    πŸ€πŸ€ Impossible Passions Realised: Dancer to LOVE DREAM & HAPPINESS (Part 2 of 3) πŸ€πŸ€

    Talking about realising one’s passion, I think of the founder of LDH Japan (LDH = Love, Dream & Happiness). A talent management company in Japan; a couple of their famous groups are EXILE and Sandaime J Soul Brothers.

    In pretty much all interviews the artists in LDH will inevitably go on how much they respect, look up to and admire Igarashi Hiroyuki, better known as EXILE HIRO. Note that many of the artist had chosen EXILE as their family name, followed by their first name. One time EXILE SHOKICHI actually asked HIRO… WHEN WILL HE GET MARRIED. Someone please tell him that his future wife should be in South East Asia, like Singapore. Typing this. :3

    I had thought it is just a polite, respectful thing they tend to do until I read about the story of the founding members. (Book name γ‚­γ‚ΊγƒŠ (Kizuna meaning connection by EXILE MATSU, MAKIDAI and EXILE USA, read as WOO SAH)).

    While music groups of dancers and singers are very common now, think back on a time where such groups not only never existed, it also sounded insane to even suggest it. One of the older members, Tachibana Kenchi (he happens to be the most beautiful person in the whole of the multi-verse 😍) had revealed in a recent interview that he had thought it was strange when he first saw HIRO shifting his dance team into a music group with vocalists. I was actually surprised that even a brilliant mind like Kenchi’s didn’t see the vision of HIRO. And the longest standing vocalist EXILE ATSUSHI had also at one point wondered why HIRO started bringing in new members. EXILE was a hugeeeeee 19 men group at one point. (This was from ATSUSHI’s book, 倩音 (Amaoto). It is really a deep and soulful book, many points already reach spirituality I say. Get it if you can read Japanese~!)

    So, HIRO first burst into fame in the early 90s after appearing dance TV programmes focusing on the dance boom. Soon the dance group dissolved and HIRO was back to square one. He then set up dance schools, and these schools expanded, they even set foot in Taiwan.

    Again, imagine a world where music groups never existed. It is just so cool that HIRO comes up with vision after vision while sticking to his passion of dancing. I am using present tense here because LDH is still coming up with all the new stuff. <3 Given the scape of the older times, it is really amazing that HIRO didn’t just throw in the towel, “get a job” and “move on with life”.

    Even though they are every successful now, like a 国民グループ (kokumin guru-pu: literally citizen group, meaning they are very much beloved in Japan), EXILE made it a point to be grateful towards every single performer (aka dancer), especially in their smaller groups where external dancers and juniors come in, they actually took the time to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE. Bcoz at one point, the first generations members could only danced in clubs (like a hobby) and/or as backup dancer for major singers.

    And years later, LDH still specifically hold their performers in a special place, as seen in the attached video. I remember one of them said he missed SHOKICHI as SHOKICHI wasn’t there during the filming as he a vocalist. Soooooo cute. :3 SHOKICHI is probably in Hokkaido eating cow tongues.

    I remember in one of Ken’s book he talked about when a company is good, it benefit the seller, the buyer and also the society.

    I think LDH is one such company. For sure the fans (buyers) are very happy. You can hear our hearts beating. And their dance schools are such a great place for young people (society) who wants something like that, the last I know, HIRO is trying to apply with the Ministry of Japan to have his schools issue official high school diplomas. Adding on, in EXILE TETSUYA’s book, 三぀編みラむフ (Mitsuami Raifu: A Triple Woven Life, he talks about his life as a performer, director for LDH dance schools and owning a coffee business), he mentioned that these schools not only produce artistes, for not everyone can or want to debut as an artist. The routes after graduations extend out like a crown where students can go into management and roles associated.

    For the sellers, the folks in LDH, it is so beautiful to see the older members branching out into Sake (Japanese wines), food, their own management groups and etc. I am not saying this from the point of a fan, just that at times I shed a tear seeing how mentally healthy these artistes turned out. It is sad that so many other artist all over he world had eventually overdose on drugs and go down a bad spiral. One of the happiest story gotta be from EXILE USA (read as WOO SAH). The first generation EXILE members branched into their own business after graduating from the group and thinking that he has no such talents, USA traveled around the world to dance with people. In Spain, he met his former bosses. USA used to serve at a Spanish restaurant in Yokohama (near Tokyo) and his bosses (Japanese) love Spanish food so much, they went over to Spain. They were all so happy to see each other again.

    It is so lovely that one man’s passion for dance made such a happy ripple effect. Last but not least… ATSUSHI had actually received letters from fans saying, they had wanted to give up on life but changed their minds after hearing his songs. ATSUSHI don’t understand why, and he is just glad that these folks reconsidered their decision.

    Wow. I would sooooooooooooooo love to spend a day with ATSUSHI one day and listen to him talk.

  • Yuxing

    April 9, 2022 at 8:24 pm

    πŸ€πŸ€ Spark Type and Impossible Passions Realised (Part 1 of 3) πŸ€πŸ€

    After the ALC (Arigato Living Community) Meeting 2 this morning, I just thought of these and I thought I can really share it here! @princess-bamboo (Akino) and @therese was continuing on the topic of doing what we love (Ken’s topic this month) and turning it into a business.

    By the way, the 3rd ALC meeting is on the 23rd/24th April, details here.

    I hope this post can help people with seemingly “impossibly” monetisable passions.

    Johnathan Fields’s Sparktype is a really good TOOL and book. While this might be sort of a personality test, the good thing I personally find is, it turned out helpful. And I am this oddball where hardly any personality test remotely fits me.

    The Sparketypes:

    • The Maker – the person who lives to turn ideas into reality.
    • The Scientist – the person who lives to solve problems.
    • The Maven – the person who loves learning for its own sake.
    • The Essentialist – the person who feels alive when they create order from chaos.
    • The Performer – the person who enlivens any interaction.
    • The Warrior – the person who is driven to organize and lead people.
    • The Sage – the person who is driven to teach and share wisdom.
    • The Advocate – the person who champions others.
    • The Adviser – the person who gives guidance.
    • The Nurturer – the person who lives to nurture others.

    The test can be done online here.

    I got the combination of Marven/Essentialist as my main and sub sparktype and well, I got Advocate/Maker as my ANTI-spark. The thing with Marven is, even the author said so himself in the book, they often end up with nothing realise as we are just interested in learning. I had actually memorised the names of all the Kings in the Ryukyuan Monarchy and things like birthdays, height weight, place of birth and whatnot of Super Junior’s (Korean music group) members and then I do nothing about it. 🀣 I had also dabbled in music, went around with my schoolmate who had a band performing at events and walked on the path of an Otaku (Anime/Manga nerd) with my colleagues and all. Not forgetting getting into basketball, squash and yup, Korean cooking! And each time at the end of the day I am happy with learning something new and that was it all.

    And to top it off, I actually has non-doing in my anti-spark. I am literally that one friend who did a lot and then never did anything. ROFL.

    Frankly I had always felt quite hopeless whenever people talk about doing what you love for work. I mean, unless one day some organisation decides to pay people to study, if not I don’t know how I can make money out of it.

    But today I got a happy breakthrough!

    During the ALC meeting, Therese was helping me with a series of questions and Therese helped me to think of this idea, I had answered that writing and art are some of the things I get compliments on. I can re-create scenes in acrylic colours and do some writing (my Essentialist side have me liking to summarise learnings in simple witing and putting things in order). Maybe people like to have somewhere they are familiar with recreated in my style of drawing.

    I am just so happy to step out of my limited thinking today!

  • Yuxing

    April 9, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    Therese, the dates in your post are still showing the dates from #2!

    And yup, I will be joining at 5am! <3 I love this! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!

  • Yuxing

    May 2, 2022 at 3:36 am

    Wow, I find it so crazy that Neale totally dismisses himself as being special. He totally live out “no one is better than another.”

    Omg yes, Morgan Sensei. His parents died young and his siblings and him was put with a relative. All ran away and only in the 70s in the mandatory military recruitment Sensei slept on a real bed for the first time at 18 years old. For sure he joined a gang for backing and had the heavy metal band KISS tattooed over his WHOLE back. He is a tall guy 6 feet or more, used to be a good fighter and one day he started running away on his fast legs whenever someone initiates a fight. He just don’t want the thug life anymore. Just like that.

    He did earned money from being club bouncers and all later on, got a wife and children. And yet he had it in him to search for more about life. He had also been cheated money from fake Gurus.

    And one day, this educated but gang-member-ish guy told Morgan Sensei that he just had to go get himself educated. Sensei did and couldn’t go into electrician work as he discovered that he has a degree of colour blindness. Wow, talking about this, I am actually thankful that the universe sent him the right people so he can get a better job now and had paid off his housing loans and all.

    Also here is Ken, he has all the wealth to do what he loves but he chose to give back to society. Total respect!!!

  • Yuxing

    May 1, 2022 at 8:41 pm

    Wow! That is really something great out of retaking your English class in summer! This whole series of creation got me realising that I totally grew up in an environment that tolerated no mistakes. On one hand Singapore has the best education quality, and at the same time we have little room for creativity, especially back in the 90s.

    And thanks for the compliment!

    Personally I find it really sad that many grown up would still see themselves as victimised by events back in their school days. Ok, I am not denying the actual bad things, I refer to those that on sane and open deliberation, turn out to be self induced pain. And these can go on to affect many adult’s lives. Randomly pick a Singaporean on the street and most will believe that they have bad English. This generally stemmed for the crazily high standard imposed in schools, and technically if we use English as a first language from pre-school to University and then in work till we retire, NO ONE can have bad English. 🀣

    This reminds me of Jim Kwik’s story. After a traumatic head injury he fell behind his peers and his teacher said to another in front of him that he is “the boy with the broken brain”. It was especially bad as that teacher had thought Jim won’t even understand him. And look, Jim is one of the best BRAIN coaches around and he helped trained the entire cast of X-Men!!! X-Men were Jim’s childhood heroes!!!!! That picture always get me teary.

    Jim’s business partner, a Korean American lady had a similar experience too. She migrated to America as an older child and fell behind in terms of language. Unfamiliar with the school system she often didn’t bring her gym clothes and her teachers would get her to write lines of “I will remember my gym clothes.” And she didn’t really get what that means. She ended up thinking she is slow in learning until in her adulthood she realise, well, she just didn’t understand the language! It had nothing to do with her learning abilities nor IQ.

    It is soooo fantastic to hear from all these folks who turn their wounds around.

  • Yuxing

    April 30, 2022 at 8:08 am

    I want to thank this community instead! ❀

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