Happy Millionaire Mentality Mini-Course: Abundance

The “Happy Millionaire Mentality” is something I teach about a lot when I talk about Happy Money, because a mindset of happiness and abundance is vital if you want to truly change your perspective and beliefs about money into positive, prosperity-based ones.   Having a Millionaire Mentality, for example, means feeling safe and secure as you just go about living your life from day to day, or not being shaken by the numbers which go up and down no matter how much you make. As you learn more and more about what the Millionaire Mentality looks like, you’ll be able to spot the difference among the people in your life as you begin to see examples of people with and without it.   Today I want to share one major aspect about having a Happy Millionaire Mentality, which is knowing how to trust in the flow of abundance so that you can enjoy and share the prosperity that flows to you.